BDCFF extension for Emerald Mines

(and various Emerald Mines / Boulder Dash clones)
Proposal V0.15
February 24 2008
This is an old version restored from an even older backup, so it's probably not as complete as it once was. Preserved for historical purposes.

Based on the Crazy Dream 9 proposal, which is based on Tim Stridmann's BDCFF proposal v0.32.

Contributing to this proposal: LogicDeLuxe, HerzAusGold, David Tritscher, cirix, Steffest
Current duscussion thread for this proposal is

Currently this proposal supports all elements from the various C64 Boulderdash engines and all elements from the various (amiga) Emerald Mine engines.
It allso provides a framework (at least) to extend it for other elements occuring in other engines/clones.

StructurePropertiesMap codesSubsets
A small word about the defined subsets:
The supported list of elements was getting rather large so the list is divided into "subsets".

This is to provide a way for a levelcreator or toolcreator to know what kind of elements should be supported, depending on what game engine the level or tool is meant for.

a subset is related to a game engine, but is not the same.
For example: the original Emerald Mine engine uses SOME of the BD-subset elements and ADDS ALL of the EM-subset elements.
An element is linked to the subset where it was first used.

Currently the followinf subsets are defined:
BD BoulderDash All elements from the "official" First Star Boulderdash games - up to the BoulderDash Construction Kit
BDex BoulderDash extended All elements that where added after the official games. (In engines like 1stB and CrLi )
BDin BoulderDash internal All elements that should not be used directly in levelmaps, but have a different purpose, e.g. for use with Diego effects
EM Emerald Mines All elements from the "official" Kingsoft Emerald Mines games. (used in Emerald Mines 1,2 and 3)
EMC Emerald Mines Club All elements added by No One Inc / Ruppelware as released in the V5 and V6 engines of the Emerald Mine Club
SP Supaplex All elements of the game Suppaplex
SO Sokobal All elements of the game Sokoban
DC Diamond Caves All elements added by the Diamond Caves series (1, 2 and 3)
RnD Rocks'n'Diamonds All elements added by the game Rocks'n'Diamonds
DX DX-Boulderdash All elements added by the game DX-Boulderdash