X11 Emerald Mine

Port of the Amiga game Emerald Mine with enhancements from No One Inc and Ruppelware written by David Tritscher.

Includes windows, dos, and amiga executables, and source code for compiling on Unix-like systems. There is also a port to the SDL and Allegro game libraries. All levels are available in the Emerald Mine Archive.

Update: December 2012
Smooth scrolling. Add amiga port. Add experimental versions.

emerald.zip (1.5 mb) : X11 Emerald Mine. With source code and binaries.
emerald_mine_archive.zip (14.7 mb) : Emerald Mine Archive. Over 50 000 levels. Unpack the files to the cave/ directory.

[menu screenshot] [game screenshot]

Here is an experimental version which uses different graphics and sounds:
[rnd screenshot] rnd.zip (1 mb)
[jue screenshot] jue.zip (2.5 mb)

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