Compatible Emerald Mine clones

  • X11 Emerald Mine
    Exact port of Kingsoft and NOI-RIS Emerald Mine. By David Tritscher
    Open Source Linux/Windows/Amiga.
  • BD4
    Exact port of Kingsoft Emerald Mine by Paul Williams, with a VERY fierce online competition.
    Closed Source.
  • Emerald Mine for iPad
    Port of X11 Emerald Mine for iPad, iPhone etc. by Les Bird.
    Closed Source.

Other Emerald Mine clones

  • Rocks'n'Diamonds
    Very nice Emerald Mine clone with lot's of new items and features. By Holger Schemel.
    Runs on Windows, OSX, Linux, Android and IOS
    This is probably the most advanced and polished version around.
  • DX-Boulderdash
    Older Emerald Mine clone for Windows, doesn't run that well on new machines
  • Diamond Caves
    Commercial Emerald Mine clone for Windows

Emerald mine reviews and other info

General Boulderdash information

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