BDCFF extension for Emerald Mines

(and various Emerald Mines / Boulder Dash clones)
Proposal V0.15
February 24 2008
This is an old version restored from an even older backup, so it's probably not as complete as it once was. Preserved for historical purposes.

Based on the Crazy Dream 9 proposal, which is based on Tim Stridmann's BDCFF proposal v0.32.

Contributing to this proposal: LogicDeLuxe, HerzAusGold, David Tritscher, cirix, Steffest
Current duscussion thread for this proposal is

Currently this proposal supports all elements from the various C64 Boulderdash engines and all elements from the various (amiga) Emerald Mine engines.
It allso provides a framework (at least) to extend it for other elements occuring in other engines/clones.

StructurePropertiesMap codesSubsets

This proposal involves an extention for the default Map Codes.
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(Please note, these are not part of the FileFormat, or the proposal, but may come in handy for reference purposes)
Emerald Mines internal code
R'n'D internal code
DX Boulderdash internal code

Cave Elements and Default Map Codes
ID Name1 char code2 char code Subset Description Actions
1SPACE    BD  [edit]
2DIRT.. BD  [edit]
3WALLWw BD  [edit]
5OUTBOXXX BD  [edit]
6OUTBOXopen XY Bdin  [edit]
8HIDDENOUTBOXopen  Bdin  [edit]
10FIREFLYlol BD  [edit]
11FIREFLYdod BD  [edit]
12FIREFLYuou BD  [edit]
13FIREFLYror BD  [edit]
14BOULDERrr BD Boulder Boulderdash style [edit]
15DIAMONDdd BD Diamond Boulderdash style [edit]
16INBOXP1 BD  [edit]
18VEXPANDINGWALLWv Bdex Requires Diego effects in PLCK. Same element as HEXPANDINGWALL in C64 Boulder Dash, but with direction changed. [edit]
20BUTTERFLYdbd BD  [edit]
21BUTTERFLYlbl BD  [edit]
22BUTTERFLYubu BD  [edit]
23BUTTERFLYrbr BD  [edit]
24AMOEBAam BD  [edit]
25SLIMEsl BD  [edit]
26EMERALD$1 EM  [edit]
27BUGl Bl EM  [edit]
28BUGd Bd EM  [edit]
29BUGu Bu EM  [edit]
30BUGr Br EM  [edit]
31EM_BOMB Bo EM  [edit]
33NUT Nu EM  [edit]
34YAMYAMl Yl EM  [edit]
35YAMYAMd Yd EM  [edit]
36YAMYAMu Yu EM  [edit]
37YAMYAMr Yr EM  [edit]
38DOOR_green Dg EM  [edit]
39DOOR_blue Db EM  [edit]
40DOOR_red Dr EM  [edit]
41DOOR_yellow Dy EM  [edit]
42DOOR_gray_green dg EM  [edit]
43DOOR_gray_blue db EM  [edit]
44DOOR_gray_red dr EM  [edit]
45DOOR_gray_yellow dy EM  [edit]
46DOOR_white Dw EMC  [edit]
47DOOR_purple Dp EMC  [edit]
48DOOR_brown Dn EMC  [edit]
49DOOR_black Dk EMC  [edit]
50KEY_green Kg EM  [edit]
51KEY_blue Kb EM  [edit]
52KEY_red Kr EM  [edit]
53KEY_yellow Ky EM  [edit]
54KEY_white Kw EMC  [edit]
55KEY_purple Kp EMC  [edit]
56KEY_brown Kn EMC  [edit]
57KEY_black Kk EMC  [edit]
58ROBOT Ro EM Also called ALIEN [edit]
59EM_ACID Aa EM  [edit]
60EM_ACIDBOXtopleft A1 EM  [edit]
61EM_ACIDBOXbottomleft A2 EM  [edit]
62EM_ACIDBOXbottom A3 EM  [edit]
63EM_ACIDBOXbottomright A4 EM  [edit]
64EM_ACIDBOXtopright A5 EM  [edit]
66QUICKSAND Q. EM  [edit]
67QUICKSANDboulder Qr EM  [edit]
68EM_DYNAMITE Di EM  [edit]
69EM_DYNAMITEactive1 D! Emex  [edit]
70ROBOTWHEEL Rw EM  [edit]
71AMOEBAdrop a. EM  [edit]
73BALLOON Ba EMC  [edit]
74WINDcross wx EMC  [edit]
75WINDl wl EMC  [edit]
76WINDu wu EMC  [edit]
77WINDd wd EMC  [edit]
78WINDr wr EMC  [edit]
79WINDstill w- EMC  [edit]
80SPRING Sp EMC  [edit]
81EM_BOULDER RR EM Boulder Emerald Mines style [edit]
82EM_DIAMOND $3 EM Diamond Emerald Mines style [edit]
83EM_LENSES Le EMC  [edit]
84EM_GRASS .g EMC  [edit]
85DIRTinvisible .i EMC  [edit]
86PLANT .P EMC  [edit]
87CHAR_1 _1 EM  [edit]
88CHAR_2 _2 EM  [edit]
89CHAR_3 _3 EM  [edit]
90CHAR_4 _4 EM  [edit]
91CHAR_5 _5 EM  [edit]
92CHAR_6 _6 EM  [edit]
93CHAR_7 _7 EM  [edit]
94CHAR_8 _8 EM  [edit]
95CHAR_9 _9 EM  [edit]
96CHAR_0 _0 EM  [edit]
97CHAR_A _A EM  [edit]
98CHAR_B _B EM  [edit]
99CHAR_C _C EM  [edit]
100CHAR_D _D EM  [edit]
101CHAR_E _E EM  [edit]
102CHAR_F _F EM  [edit]
103CHAR_G _G EM  [edit]
104CHAR_H _H EM  [edit]
105CHAR_I _I EM  [edit]
106CHAR_J _J EM  [edit]
107CHAR_K _K EM  [edit]
108CHAR_L _L EM  [edit]
109CHAR_M _M EM  [edit]
110CHAR_N _N EM  [edit]
111CHAR_O _O EM  [edit]
112CHAR_P _P EM  [edit]
113CHAR_Q _Q EM  [edit]
114CHAR_R _R EM  [edit]
115CHAR_S _S EM  [edit]
116CHAR_T _T EM  [edit]
117CHAR_U _U EM  [edit]
118CHAR_V _V EM  [edit]
119CHAR_W _W EM  [edit]
120CHAR_X _X EM  [edit]
121CHAR_Y _Y EM  [edit]
122CHAR_Z _Z EM  [edit]
123CHAR_. _. EM  [edit]
124CHAR_? _? EM  [edit]
125CHAR_! _! EM  [edit]
126CHAR_= _= EM  [edit]
127CHAR_- _- EM  [edit]
128SPACESHIPl Tl EM  [edit]
129SPACESHIPu Tu EM  [edit]
130SPACESHIPd Td EM  [edit]
131SPACESHIPr Tr EM  [edit]
132DUMMYPF BD Also called VOODOODOLL [edit]
133PEARL $5 DC  [edit]
134CRYSTAL $8 DC  [edit]
135PLAYER2 P2 EM  [edit]
136PLAYER3 P3 DC  [edit]
137PLAYER4 P4 DC  [edit]
138ZONK rz SP  [edit]
139GEM_red $r RnD  [edit]
140GEM_yellow $y RnD  [edit]
141GEM_purple $p RnD  [edit]
142INFOTRON $i SP  [edit]
143WALLemerald We DC  [edit]
144WALLdiamond Wd DC  [edit]
145WALLemdiamond WD DC  [edit]
146WALLgem_red Wr DC  [edit]
147WALLgem_yellow Wy DC  [edit]
148WALLgem_purple Wp DC  [edit]
149WALLpearl WP DC  [edit]
150WALLcrystal WC DC  [edit]
151MURPHY PM SP  [edit]
152SP_EXIT XS SP Exit Supaplex style [edit]
153LANDMINE .! DX  [edit]
154TRAP .t DX  [edit]
155BASE .b SP  [edit]
156BASEbuggy .B SP  [edit]
157PACMANl Cl RnD  [edit]
158PACMANu Cu RnD  [edit]
159PACMANr Cr RnD  [edit]
160PACMANd Cd RnD  [edit]
161SNIKSNAKl Sl SP  [edit]
162SNIKSNAKu Su SP  [edit]
163SNIKSNAKr Sr SP  [edit]
164SNIKSNAKd Sd SP  [edit]
165ELECTRONl El SP  [edit]
166ELECTRONu Eu SP  [edit]
167ELECTRONr Er SP  [edit]
168ELECTRONd Ed SP  [edit]
169MAGNIFIER Ma EMC  [edit]
170SWITCHGATE Ds DC  [edit]
171SWITCHGATEswitch D% DC  [edit]
172TIMEGATE DT DC  [edit]
173TIMEGATEswitch Dt DC  [edit]
174PORTl pl SP  [edit]
175PORTu pu SP  [edit]
176PORTr pr SP  [edit]
177PORTd pd SP  [edit]
178PORTvertical pv SP  [edit]
179PORThorizontal ph SP  [edit]
180PORTcross px SP  [edit]
181GRAVITYPORTl Gl SP  [edit]
182GRAVITYPORTu Gu SP  [edit]
183GRAVITYPORTr Gr SP  [edit]
184GRAVITYPORTd Gd SP  [edit]
185TUBEl Ul DX  [edit]
186TUBEu Uu DX  [edit]
187TUBEr Ur DX  [edit]
188TUBEd Ud DX  [edit]
189TUBEul Ub DX  [edit]
190TUBEur UB DX  [edit]
191TUBEdl Up DX  [edit]
192TUBEdr UP DX  [edit]
193TUBEcross Ux DX  [edit]
194TUBEtleft UL DX  [edit]
195TUBEtup UU DX  [edit]
196TUBEtdown UD DX  [edit]
197TUBEtright UR DX  [edit]
198LAMP La SO  [edit]
199LAMPsocket Lo SO  [edit]
200LAMPswitch Ls DC  [edit]
201MAGICBALL Qw EMC Also called WELL [edit]
202MAGICBALLswitch Qs EMC  [edit]
203CONVEYORredl {r DC  [edit]
204CONVEYORredm ~r DC  [edit]
205CONVEYORredr }r DC  [edit]
206CONVEYORredswitch %r DC  [edit]
207CONVEYORyellowl {y DC  [edit]
208CONVEYORyellowm ~y DC  [edit]
209CONVEYORyellowr }y DC  [edit]
210CONVEYORyellowswitch %y DC  [edit]
211CONVEYORgreenl {g DC  [edit]
212CONVEYORgreenm ~g DC  [edit]
213CONVEYORgreenr }g DC  [edit]
214CONVEYORgreenswitch %g DC  [edit]
215CONVEYORbluel {b DC  [edit]
216CONVEYORbluem ~b DC  [edit]
217CONVEYORbluer }b DC  [edit]
218CONVEYORblueswitch %b DC  [edit]
219SWITCHGATEopen DS DC  [edit]
220LAMPactive LA SO  [edit]
221ACID  Bdex  [edit]
222ACIDd  Bdin  [edit]
223BOULDERBIRTH1  Bdin  [edit]
224BOULDERBIRTH2  Bdin  [edit]
225BOULDERBIRTH3  Bdin  [edit]
226BOULDERBIRTH4  Bdin  [edit]
227CLOCK  Bdex  [edit]
228CLOCKBIRTH1  Bdin  [edit]
229CLOCKBIRTH2  Bdin  [edit]
230CLOCKBIRTH3  Bdin  [edit]
231CLOCKBIRTH4  Bdin  [edit]
232EXPLOSION1  Bdin Requires Lord Diego effects in PLCK, and can only be used as an effect target there. [edit]
233EXPLOSION2  Bdin  [edit]
234EXPLOSION3  Bdin  [edit]
235EXPLOSION4  Bdin  [edit]
236EXPLOSION5  Bdin  [edit]
237EXPLOSION6  Bdin Requires Lord Diego effects in PLCK, and can only be used as an effect source there. [edit]
238GUY  Bdin  [edit]
239GUYd  Bdin  [edit]
240GUYBOMB  Bdin  [edit]
241GUYBOMBd  Bdin  [edit]
242GUYGLUED  Bdex  [edit]
243GUYGLUEDd  Bdin  [edit]
244SOKOBANBOX  Bdex  [edit]
245DIAMONDBIRTHamoeba1  Bdin  [edit]
246DIAMONDBIRTHamoeba2  Bdin  [edit]
247DIAMONDBIRTHamoeba3  Bdin  [edit]
248DIAMONDBIRTHamoeba4  Bdin  [edit]
249FALLINGWALL  Bdex  [edit]
250FALLINGWALLd  Bdin  [edit]
251FALLINGWALLf  Bdex  [edit]
252FALLINGWALLfd  Bdin  [edit]
253HEXPANDINGSTEELWALL  Bdex Requires Diego effects in PLCK. It can not coexist with normal expanding walls in C64 engines. [edit]
255VEXPANDINGSTEELWALL  Bdex Requires Diego effects in PLCK. It can not coexist with normal expanding walls in C64 engines. [edit]
260STEELWALLEATABLE  Bdex Requires Diego effects in PLCK. In C64 engines, it's DIRT with the graphics changed and effecting the entire cave. [edit]
261BITERSWITCH  Bdex  [edit]
264T  Bdex  [edit]
265BLADDER  Bdex  [edit]
266BLADDERd1  Bdin  [edit]
267BLADDERd2  Bdin  [edit]
268BLADDERd3  Bdin  [edit]
269BLADDERd4  Bdin  [edit]
270BLADDERd5  Bdin  [edit]
271BLADDERd6  Bdin  [edit]
272BLADDERd8  Bdin  [edit]
273BLADDERd8  Bdin  [edit]
274BLADDERd9  Bdin  [edit]
275BOMB  Bdex  [edit]
276IGNITEDBOMB1  Bdin  [edit]
277IGNITEDBOMB2  Bdin  [edit]
278IGNITEDBOMB3  Bdin  [edit]
279IGNITEDBOMB4  Bdin  [edit]
280IGNITEDBOMB5  Bdin  [edit]
281IGNITEDBOMB6  Bdin  [edit]
282IGNITEDBOMB7  Bdin  [edit]
283BOMBEXPLOSION1  Bdin  [edit]
284BOMBEXPLOSION2  Bdin  [edit]
285BOMBEXPLOSION3  Bdin  [edit]
286BOMBEXPLOSION4  Bdin  [edit]
287SWEET  Bdex  [edit]
288GHOST  Bdex  [edit]
289GHOSTd  Bdin  [edit]
290GHOSTEXPLOSION1  Bdin  [edit]
291GHOSTEXPLOSION2  Bdin  [edit]
292GHOSTEXPLOSION3  Bdin  [edit]
293GHOSTEXPLOSION4  Bdin  [edit]
294GRAVESTONE  Bdex  [edit]
295GLUEDSTONE  Bdex  [edit]
296GLUEDDIAMOND  Bdex Requires Lord Diego effects in PLCK, and can only be used as an effect target there. [edit]
297GLUEDDIRT  Bdex Same as STEELWALLDESTRUCTABLE in C64 engines, but changed to DIRT graphic. [edit]
299TRAPPEDDIAMOND  Bdex  [edit]
300TIMEPENALTY  Bdin  [edit]
301WAITINGBOULDER  Bdex  [edit]
302WAITINGBOULDERd  Bdin  [edit]
303CHASINGBOULDER  Bdex  [edit]
304CHASINGBOULDERd  Bdin  [edit]
305STEELWALLBIRTH1  Bdin  [edit]
306STEELWALLBIRTH2  Bdin  [edit]
307STEELWALLBIRTH3  Bdin  [edit]
308STEELWALLBIRTH4  Bdin  [edit]
309BITERd  Bdex  [edit]
310BITERdd  Bdin  [edit]
311BITERl  Bdex  [edit]
312BITERld  Bdin  [edit]
313BITERu  Bdex  [edit]
314BITERud  Bdin  [edit]
315BITERr  Bdex  [edit]
316BITERrd  Bdin  [edit]
317BOULDERbouncingeffect  Bdin Requires Diego effects in PLCK. [edit]
318BOULDERfallingeffect  Bdin  [edit]
319DIAMONDbouncingeffect  Bdin  [edit]
320DIAMONDfallingeffect  Bdin Requires Diego effects in PLCK. [edit]
321MAGICWALLbouldereffect  Bdin  [edit]
322MAGICWALLdiamondeffect  Bdin  [edit]
323AMOEBAbouldereffect  Bdin  [edit]
324AMOEBAdiamondeffect  Bdin  [edit]
325BOMBEXPLOSIONeffect  Bdin  [edit]
326FALLINGWALLeffect  Bdin  [edit]
327EM_EMERALDl el Emin  [edit]
328EM_EMERALDr er Emin  [edit]
329EM_DIAMONDl $l Emin  [edit]
330EM_DIAMONDr $r Emin  [edit]
331EM_BOULDERl ul Emin  [edit]
332EM_BOULDERr ur Emin  [edit]
333EM_BOMBl Ol Emin  [edit]
334EM_BOMBr Or Emin  [edit]
335EM_NUTl nl Emin  [edit]
336EM_NUTr nr Emin  [edit]
337EM_SPRINGl ~l Emin  [edit]
338EM_SPRINGr ~r Emin  [edit]
339DYNAMITEactive2 D2 Emin  [edit]
340DYNAMITEactive3 D3 Emin  [edit]
341DYNAMITEactive4 D4 Emin  [edit]
342EM_ACID2 Ab Emex  [edit]
343EM_ACID3 Ac Emex  [edit]
344EM_ACID4 Ad Emex  [edit]
345EM_ACID5 Ae Emex  [edit]
346EM_ACID6 Af Emex  [edit]
347EM_ACID7 Ag Emex  [edit]
348EM_ACID8 Ah Emex  [edit]
349EM_Decor1 #1 EMC  [edit]
350EM_Decor2 #1 EMC  [edit]
351EM_Decor3 #3 EMC  [edit]
352EM_Decor4 #4 EMC  [edit]
353EM_Decor5 #5 Emex  [edit]
354EM_Decor6 #6 Emex  [edit]
355EM_Decor7 #7 Emex  [edit]
356EM_Decor8 #8 Emex  [edit]
357EM_Decor10 #a Emex  [edit]
358EM_Decor11 #b Emex  [edit]
359EM_Decor12 #c Emex  [edit]
360EM_AMOEBA1 a1 Emex  [edit]
361EM_AMOEBA2 a2 Emex  [edit]
362EM_AMOEBA3 a3 Emex  [edit]
363EM_AMOEBA4 a4 Emex  [edit]
364EM_AMOEBA5 a5 Emex  [edit]
365EM_AMOEBA6 a6 Emex  [edit]
366EM_AMOEBA7 a7 Emex  [edit]
367EM_AMOEBA8 a8 Emex  [edit]
368EM_SPACEfake Emex  [edit]
369EM_GRASSfake .f Emex  [edit]
370EM_AMOEBAfake af Emex  [edit]
371OUTBOXopen2 X2 Emex  [edit]
372OUTBOXopen3 X3 Emex  [edit]
373OUTBOXopen4 X4 Emex  [edit]
374CHAR_' _' EM  [edit]
375CHAR_, _, EM  [edit]
376CHAR_. _. EM  [edit]
377CHAR_ EM  [edit]
378WALL2 w2 Emex In C64 engines, this is the same as STEELWALLDESTRUCTABLE. Some BDCFF files around use this. [edit]
379WALL3 w3 Emex  [edit]
380WALL4 w4 Emex  [edit]
381STEELWALL2 W2 Emex  [edit]
382STEELWALL3 W3 Emex  [edit]
383STEELWALL4 W4 Emex  [edit]
384ROUNDWALL1 w( Emex  [edit]
385ROUNDWALL2 w) Emex  [edit]
386ROUNDWALL3 w{ Emex  [edit]
387ROUNDWALL4 w} Emex  [edit]
388EM_EMERALDcollect e* Emin  [edit]
389EM_DIAMONDcollect d* Emin  [edit]
390CHAR_: _: EM  [edit]
391WALLEATABLE  Bdex Requires Diego effects in PLCK. In C64 engines, it's DIRT with the graphics changed and effecting the entire cave. [edit]
392GUYBIRTH1  Bdin  [edit]
393GUYBIRTH2  Bdin  [edit]
394GUYBIRTH3  Bdin  [edit]
395GUYBIRTH4  Bdin  [edit]
396DIAMONDBIRTH1  Bdin  [edit]
397DIAMONDBIRTH2  Bdin  [edit]
398DIAMONDBIRTH3  Bdin  [edit]
399DIAMONDBIRTH4  Bdin  [edit]
400DIAMONDBIRTH5  Bdin  [edit]
401DIAMONDBIRTH6  Bdin  [edit]

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Naming conventions following this proposal:
The purpose of these naming conventions is the obtain a "readable" text based representation of a level, so that that someone looking at the level in a text editor would get a general idea how the level looks.

For the BDextended and BDinternal subsets:

Default 1 char codes are provided for the BD subset. These defaults should not be changed because there are allready heaps of caves that use them.
Default 2 char codes are provided for the BD, EM and EMextended subsets. There are 'at this moment' no caves public that use these codes. (not YET anyway) So these are still open for discussion.
If you do use different codes, please specify them in the [mapcodes] section of your BDCFF file.