Emerald Caves
Deze afbeelding in een nieuw scherm openen YAY!
So happy to see a brand new Emerald Mines game appear in 2023.
Peke crafted 64 brand new levels.
Challenging but fun!

See the GamePlay video here
Emerald Caves11/18/2023

BugMine 3 and RuppelMine 6 updates
The version of "BugMine 3" on this site contained some corrupt files and the disk was not fully playable.
Next to that the "RuppelMine 06" file was an accidental copy of "RuppelMine 05"

These issues has been fixed and the ADF files have been updated
Bugmine 31/13/2008
Ruppelmine 61/14/2008

Crazy Mine 02
Deze afbeelding in een nieuw scherm openen Sandancer (Bryan Waters) dug out the long lost "Crazy Mines 02" from his physical disk archive.
One minor note: It doesn't contain new levels as it is a repack of Crazy Mines 01 to a new version of the Emerald Player.
Oh well, at least it's one more mine that we can strike off our "missing" list.
Thanks Bryan!
Crazy Mine 0210/20/2018

The Chaos Caves 19, 20 and 21 have been found
Deze afbeelding in een nieuw scherm openen Sandancer (Bryan Waters) , the ultimate digger for Emerald mines, went to pick up the physical disk archive of his friend Denis F and look at that: amongst the disks where the long lost Chaos Caves 19, 20 and 21, making the Chaos series complete.
Many many thanks, Bryan!

Through The Chaos Caves 213/8/2018
Through The Chaos Caves 193/8/2018
Through The Chaos Caves 203/8/2018

Emerald mines in Amiga Future 124

Totally cool that this website was mentioned in the January/february 2017 Edition of the Amiga Future magazine.

(Which I think is the only Amiga magazine still in print?)

Needless to say I immediately took a yearly subscription :-)

Click the image to enlarge


BBS archive
Deze afbeelding in een nieuw scherm openen Sandancer keeps on digging!

This time he went through soms old BBS archives and came across a bunch of Emerald Mine disk, including the long lost "Lukey's Mine"

Here's a first batch, there's more to come!

Lukey's Mine3/30/2017
Kunder Mine 033/30/2017
Mike Mine 013/30/2017
Mixed Mine 013/30/2017
Nem Mine 013/30/2017
New Emerald Mines 023/30/2017
Spooky Mine 013/31/2017
Spooky Mine 023/31/2017
Spooky Mine 033/31/2017
Spooky Mine 043/31/2017
Spooky Mine 053/31/2017
Spooky Mine 063/31/2017
Spooky Mine 073/31/2017
Spooky Mine 093/31/2017
Spooky Mine 103/31/2017
Spud mine 43/31/2017
Spud mine 73/31/2017
Spud mine 93/31/2017
Sprint Mine 013/31/2017

Deze afbeelding in een nieuw scherm openen Sandancer and Denis F. used to run Emerald Mines Club of Great Britain.
Sandancer went through his archive and send us lots of mines that were still missing.

Thank a lot mate!

Rock 'n Roll Mine 17/5/2015
Through The Chaos Caves 107/5/2015
Through The Chaos Caves 177/5/2015
Bond Mine 077/6/2015
Bond Mine 177/6/2015
Eat Mine Update7/6/2015
Water Mine Update7/6/2015
Head Mine7/6/2015
Pawn Mine7/6/2015
Laser Mine 17/6/2015
Laser Mine 27/6/2015
Emerald Mine Beetle7/6/2015
Blue Diamonds 47/6/2015
Emerald Nep 17/6/2015
Classic Denmine 17/6/2015
Freak Mine Super Pro7/6/2015
Rupplemine 87/6/2015
Revenge of the Yams 17/6/2015
RockNuts 17/6/2015
RockNuts 27/6/2015
Classic Green Stuff7/6/2015
Through The Chaos Caves 087/5/2015
Through The Chaos Caves 097/5/2015
Through The Chaos Caves 187/6/2015

Dust Mines
Deze afbeelding in een nieuw scherm openen

Well look at that,

Even in 2012 there is still some boulderdash related Amiga development going on.
Rot Schneider ported his "Dust Mines" to Amiga.
More info at his page: http://overthehill.de/CEDigger/

Dust Digger8/17/2012


Deze afbeelding in een nieuw scherm openen

Added some fillers
Dusty Mine 17/16/2008
Dusty Mine 27/16/2008
Exception 14/2/2009
Final Mine4/2/2009
Freak 24/3/2009
Gazza Mine14/3/2009
Exception 24/2/2009
Fire Mine 24/3/2009
Freak 14/3/2009
GB Mine 04/3/2009
GB Mine 14/3/2009
GB Mine 24/3/2009
GB Mine 34/3/2009
GB Mine 44/3/2009
GB Mine 54/3/2009
Ghost Mine 14/3/2009
Haunted Mine 44/6/2009
Haunted Mine 4b4/6/2009
Freak Mine 2 Easy4/3/2009
Freak Mine 2 Hard4/3/2009
Freak Mine Junior4/3/2009


Cruncher - Daddy - Eagle Mines
Deze afbeelding in een nieuw scherm openen

Added another batch of Emerald mines.
It seems that the EMC club holland has now closed its doors forever ...
But luckely all the mines are in our collection too.
Here's the batch for today:
Cruncher Mine 13/24/2008
Cruncher Mine 23/24/2008
Down Under Mine 183/24/2008
Eagle Mine 023/24/2008
EMC Mine 23/24/2008
EMC Mine 33/24/2008
EMC Mine 43/24/2008
EMC Mine 53/24/2008
Enemy Mines3/24/2008
Emerald Mine 193/24/2008
Daddy Mine 013/24/2008
Daddy Mine 023/24/2008
Daddy Mine 033/24/2008
Daddy Mine 043/24/2008
Daddy Mine 053/24/2008
Daddy Mine 063/24/2008
Daddy Mine 073/24/2008
Daddy Mine 083/24/2008
Daddy Mine 093/24/2008
Daddy Mine 103/24/2008
Daddy Mine 113/24/2008
Eagle Mine 033/24/2008
Eagle Mine 043/24/2008
Eagle Mine 053/24/2008
Eagle Mine 063/24/2008
Eagle Mine 073/24/2008
Eagle Mine 083/24/2008
Eagle Mine 093/24/2008
Eagle Mine 103/24/2008
Eagle Mine 113/24/2008
Eagle Mine 123/24/2008
Eagle Mine 133/24/2008
Eagle Mine 143/24/2008
Eagle Mine 153/24/2008
Eagle Mine 163/24/2008
Eagle Mine 173/24/2008
Eagle Mine 193/24/2008
Eagle Mine 203/24/2008
Eagle Mine 213/24/2008
Eagle Mine 223/24/2008
Eagle Mine 233/24/2008
Eagle Mine 243/24/2008
Eagle Mine 253/24/2008
Eagle Mine 263/24/2008
Eagle Mine 273/24/2008
Eagle Mine 283/24/2008
Elvis Mine 13/24/2008
Elvis Mine 53/24/2008
Elvis Mine 63/24/2008
Elvis Mine 83/24/2008


Cave Crash
Deze afbeelding in een nieuw scherm openen

One of the Missing Mines has been found:
Courtesy of the author, Maik Schmidt,  we now make the original Cave Crash available for your enjoyment.
He compiled it again from has original sources and send us the ADF file.
Thanks Maik !

Cave Crash2/18/2008


Crazy Mines and fillers
Deze afbeelding in een nieuw scherm openen

Added the Cray Mine series, except for the missing Crazy Mine 2, and some fillers:
Aladdin Mine 11/29/2008
Aladdin Mine 21/30/2008
Aladdin Mine 31/30/2008
Aladdin Mine 41/30/2008
Adventures of Mr.B. - Part 31/30/2008
Baby Dusty Mini Mine1/30/2008
Bond mine 061/30/2008
Bond Mine 101/30/2008
Bond Mine 151/30/2008
Bond Mine 17.5A1/30/2008
Cairns Caves1/30/2008
Crazy Mine 011/30/2008
Crazy Mine 031/30/2008
Crazy Mine 041/30/2008
Crazy Mine 051/30/2008
Crazy Mine 061/30/2008
Crazy Mine 071/30/2008
Crazy Mine 081/30/2008
Crazy Mine 091/30/2008
Crazy Mine 101/30/2008
Cold Caves 11/30/2008


Amiga Mines and Fillers
Deze afbeelding in een nieuw scherm openen

The Amiga Mine series was added.
Amiga Mines 6 up to 11 are still missing though ... Anyone?
Amiga Mine 011/25/2008
Amiga Mine 021/25/2008
Amiga Mine 031/25/2008
Amiga Mine 041/25/2008
Amiga Mine 051/25/2008
Amiga Mine 121/25/2008
Amiga Mine 131/25/2008
Amiga Mine 141/25/2008
Amiga Mine 151/25/2008
Amiga Mine 161/25/2008
Amiga Mine 171/25/2008
Amiga Mine 181/25/2008
Amiga Mine 191/25/2008
Amiga Mine 201/25/2008
Amiga Mine 211/25/2008
Amiga Mine 221/25/2008
Amiga Mine 231/25/2008
Amiga Mine 241/25/2008
Amiga Mine 251/25/2008

Galaxy also uploaded some fillers:
Highlander Mines 11/23/2008
Denmine 131/23/2008
Denmine 151/23/2008
Cosmos Mine 06 - Revenge of the Aliens1/23/2008
Cosmos Mine 07 - Butterflies in Space 31/23/2008
Cosmos Mine 08 - Attack of the Mutant Tanks 31/23/2008


Einstein Mines
Deze afbeelding in een nieuw scherm openen

The complete Einstein Mine series was added.
Here they are:

Einstein Mine 021/22/2008
Einstein Mine 031/22/2008
Einstein Mine 041/22/2008
Einstein Mine 051/22/2008
Einstein Mine 061/22/2008
Einstein Mine 071/22/2008
Einstein Mine 081/22/2008
Einstein Mine 091/22/2008
Einstein Mine 101/22/2008
Einstein Mine 111/22/2008
Einstein Mine 121/22/2008
Einstein Mine 131/22/2008
Einstein Mine 141/22/2008
Einstein Mine 151/22/2008
Einstein Mine 161/22/2008
Einstein Mine 171/22/2008
Einstein Mine 181/22/2008
Einstein Mine 191/22/2008
Einstein Mine 201/22/2008
Einstein Mine 211/22/2008
Einstein Mine 221/22/2008
Einstein Mine 231/22/2008
Einstein Mine 241/22/2008
Einstein Mine 251/22/2008
Einstein Mine 261/22/2008
Einstein Mine 011/22/2008


The long overdue Galaxy update
Deze afbeelding in een nieuw scherm openen

Galaxy provided an archive with some files he had planned for a big site update in 2004, but that somehow never found their way online.
Here they are:

Diamond Digger 11/18/2008
Down Under Mine 021/18/2008
Down Under Mine 121/18/2008
Down Under Mine 161/18/2008
Down Under Mine 171/18/2008
Eagle Mine 011/18/2008
Elvis Mine 21/18/2008
Elvis Mine 31/18/2008
Emerald Dash 02 : Boulder Dash 10-141/18/2008
Emerald Dash 03 : Boulder Dash 15-191/18/2008
Fun Mine 21/18/2008
Bond Mine 181/18/2008
Cosmos Mine 02 - Butterflies in Space1/18/2008
Cosmos Mine 03 - Attack of the Mutant Tanks1/18/2008
Cosmos Mine 041/18/2008
Cosmos Mine 05 - Butterflies in Space 21/18/2008
Cosmos Mine 09 - Adventure in Space 11/18/2008
Cosmos Mine 10 - Adventure in Space 21/18/2008
Junior Boulderdash1/18/2008
Denmine 14 - The Green Stuff 41/18/2008
Junior Chaos Caves : Caves for Kids1/18/2008
New Emerald Mines 011/18/2008
Normal Mine 011/18/2008
Normal Mine 021/19/2008
Normal Mine 031/19/2008


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